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I'm new to this forum and I'd appreciate your informed feedback on a topic I'm guessing has already been discussed here at length.

I've run across some web pages strongly suggesting that heavy use of soy products can induce gynecomastia along with a host of other health problems. Here is a link to a google search I did. You will find many articles jumping on the issue:

I began using soymilk as a supplement years ago. About 5 years ago, I reduced all other sources of protein in my diet significantly and during that time was getting some rather intense physical exercise. I became very lean for about 6 months, but then I lost all my energy, and became very susceptible to colds, etc.

As a result I was not able to exercise much at all. I gained back weight, but this time, I experienced gynecomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia, and I have had that condition ever since, and have not had the energy I used to have.

I now, drink little soy milk, but my 5-year-old daughter grew up on it, and my whole family uses it regularly as a result of my initial use.

Just about every good thing comes with a host of nay-sayers, but the information I have been reviewing doesn't look good.

I am not here to bash soy milk. It saved my daughters life when as a new born infant, when she could not digest anything else, and she has been drinking it instead of milk and has been as healthy as any child around her, and extremely bright (of course we parents all think that last part, but I'm going by what teachers and others tell me).

Personally, before I used soy milk, I had more colds, I have had sugar problem, and sensitivity to refined carbs, wheat, milk and beef, and I have used soy milk fairly successfully to stabilize my protein and sugar balance for over 10 years. Before I used it, I could not rely on my mind to be clear.

Lately, I have relied on it less. I keep peanuts, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and a host of different kinds of beans in my diet, but Edensoy Extra Original Flavor has been the fastest working high protein, low carb source of protein I have come across.

If you have had positive or negative experience with soy products in relation to this subject, or you have reliable information for our consideration, please join in this discussion. I will not be here every day, but I will check in from time to time to stay with the discussion that we might all benefit.


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its tough to avoid soya because its in a lot of foods and supplyments and in some cases products are packed in an environment where soya and nuts are present!!!

i tried my best to avoid soya but even today i found out that in most wholewheat brown bread and bread in general they use soya flour etc and i take protein regulary and never bought protein with any soy in it but read a very small print the other day saying packed in an enviroment where soy and nuts are present!

i hope a small bit of soy does not cause any harm???

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Is this for real?

Crap, because I HATE milk and drink a lot of soy stuff.

Man, EVERYTHING I like is bad for me, what the hell.

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Has this been scientifically verified? I've heard it mentioned a lot. I don't see how soya could have such a physiological effect, it doesn't seem to make sense.
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I saw my doctor today for an annual physical, and for the first time, I finally had the courage to discuss my gynecomastia. One of the first things he asked me was if I consumed a lot of soy products. I had to think about it for a moment, but then it occurred to me that whenever I've been on low-carb diets in the past, I always ate low-carb pita pockets and low-carb tortillas, and soy flour is the main ingredient in both of those items. It does make me wonder if my efforts to lose weight have somehow contributed to these god-awful manboobs that I can't get rid of...  :'(

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i eat soy bigtime. tofu is one of my primary sources of protein becoz im a vegetarian. ive had this gyne for 14 years though and perhaps soy does have an effect. if ever though, it is probably minimal but there still is a chance. i wouldnt worry about the stuff you guys are eating. its nothing compared to how much i eat.. perhaps there has been an increase in my gyne size.. but if ever, its still hard to say for sure..
its a shame coz i really love the taste of it.

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