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First of all, hey guys, I'm a new member here, also have gyno.

I understood that losing weight will help to reduce the size of the nipples a bit. so I have a question regarding losing weight...

Swimming. Obviously swimming 30 minutes is better than 20 minutes but I am wondering if 20 minutes of swimming burns fat? And is swimming better than running?

Waitin' fo' replys
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The experts say '20 minutes a day, 3 days a week'.

Swimming is much better than running as you utilize many more muscles while swimming. Also, swimming is very low impact ( good for the joints ) exercise. Where as running is a fairly high impact exercise and is tough on the joints and ligaments.

Just my $.02

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If you want to burn fat quickly, then  you will burn more calories while running , than swimming. You can burn fat by swimming but you will not get quick results.Although as bambu says there is less chance of an injury.
           when running at an average eight minutes per mile pace you will burn fifteen calories  a minute.If you do interval and circuit training as well as part of your training programme you will burn even more. If you run faster you will get quicker results.
         Also one other thing , running thirty minutes on a treadmill is not the same as roadrunning thirty minutes. when I went went from treadmill running to road running  my head was hanging out of my arse  after doing the same distance.  :-[


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