Author Topic: Working out better before or after surgery? Or no difference?  (Read 2884 times)

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I stopped working out about a month ago because I was thinking of getting the surgery done now that I'm actually going to do it should I work out up till the surgery or just wait to have it done to get it all out of the way?

I'm thinking because I'm going to have to take time off it'd be senseless to start a new workout routine like insanity just so I have to stop. But then again I might be scheduled for like three months for now, so in that case what do I do?! I'll appreciate your responses.

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I had similar thoughts. I've worked out most of my life, but just to stay in shape. Not a bodybuilder. Anyways. Once my surgery was booked - I found myslef thinking:

Maybe I should not work out for the next 3 months- then I'll get smaller muscles and it will be easier for them to get all the fat out.

Plus, I was worried. I was thinking - what if I continue working out - and go into the surgery kinda pumped up. And what if in the future I stop working out for an injury, maybe then my skin might get too loose etc.

I had all these thoughts.

So I spoke to my surgeon and he said just keep working out as normal right up until surgery - it makes no difference.

I found myself kind of tapering off my workouts though for the last month anyways.

So - after the surgery - he said I could workpiut after 4 weeks.

I started with light weight, and the next day - i had all new bruising break out across my chest and stomach. Didn't hurt or anything. but so I waited 2 more weeks then was no problem.

I started working out full time again, getting strength and muscle back - only to find out I needed a revision.

This time I worked out extremely hard - right until the day before surgery because I knew it would be another 4 or 6 weeks until I could again.

I don't think there is ever a bad time to work out. I know guys have cycles planned and all that - but so what. I think you need to just do it. whether it's a month, or 3.

Then have the surgery - and you know, you'll just be able to get back into it a bit easier because you did work out before the surgery.

You have to look at the big picture. it's like losing weight. You have to say you'll do it - and check in in a year. you can't keep weighing yourself every day, or week and get discouraged. you need to commit a large part of your life.

SO. Go and workout - but know - you won't really be able to do insanity for maybe a few months etc...  see the big picture. You will be able to do it this year... and get in the best shape you can until then....

Good luck!


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