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Twas the night before surgery
all quiet throughout the house.
Two large creatures remain hanging
both half the size of a mouse.

As I lay nustled
all snug in my bed.
Visions of surgical trama
dance wild throughout my head

A $3,000 check
sits with bitter-sweet joy.
Patiently waiting to be free  
with a chest like a boy.

I invision the moment
when the surgery actually starts.
The removal of thoes things
thoes God awful parts.

40 miles to the hospital
I can't wait to be.  
Where a compression vest size large
silently waits for me.

After 6 years with gyne
I will soon be free
From having male breasts
the cup size of a B.

Embarrisment has locked down
my life this whole while.
Post op I plan to wake up
with a huge smile.

Thoughts of humiliation
slowly brushed aside
The ups and downs of this condition
Whata hell of a ride!

Will insurance cover the operation?
I do not know.
Will everything go as planned?
Hopefully so.
Well its time to sleep
everyone...good nite

Happy surgery to all
Thank God for this site!

...I'm bored, nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. Wish me luck.

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Operation is much easier than I thought. Last thing I remember was a woman putting a mask over my face and saying "in two min you will be sleeping". FOr a few seconds I felt drunk and was very talkative. Than I snapped out of it, and the lady said "all done" I started laughing. It was freaky how it all happens. I woke up and was numb from the lipo numbing fluid. Couldn't feel a thing other than tightness from the compression vest.

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i suppose that you've had the surgery by now. How do you feel, how does it look. I hope everything went the way you planned. Did your insurance end up covering you or what?

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Awesome poem Dude!

Congrats on the Op. How are you feeling?

Surgery: February 16, 2005. - Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Surgeon: Dr. John Craig Fielding   M.D.   F.R.C.S. (C) (416.766.8890)
Pre-Op/Post-Op Pics

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Yes I finally had the surgery done. I wish I would of had it years ago. I feel great mental, but the soreness is keeping me from being myself. Im stuck sitting around watching tv, and sleeping. Mobility is much better today on day 2/3. I went for a pre op visit today. Theres nothing that needs to be drained (thank god) and there a very noticable difference in the contour of my chest. My nipples are flat! WHen I look down at my chest, I don't see them poking out there anymore. I have to look in the mirror in order to see them now. hey are covered with many small pieces of tape so that the scar heels correctly. Doctor said to leave them alone until my 2nd post op visit, when they will be removed. I had very little blood on the gause like padding under the vest. No fluid drainage.

As of now, I can dress myself without any help, and I can touch the top of my head. I also slept partically on my side earlier today. Reguardless of sleeping on my back and side, I have been sleeping on a finely crafted incline I made out of numerous pillows. I believe thats keeping the fluid and swelling down.

Im looking forward to taking a shower tonight.
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congrats man!hope your recovery goes well...where did you get the surgery done?
had the surgery done,now i'm gynecomastia-less

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I just looked in the phone book and for a local plastic surgeon. I found one that specialized in breast work and reconstruction. He has done alot of work on caner patients, and had not done too much gynecomastia work. He said he gets around 10 cases a year. Everyone who gets the procedure is shy about it and as a result don't sign the picture wavier, so he didnt have very many pics to show of his work. But he assuered me he has "done his homework" He did the surgery at his office. Will post pics after stri tape is removed.


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