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It's so interesting that at 60s and 70s, instead of conserving our body nutrients and supply to support our aging body, our body send those goodness to growing new and larger breasts which we have no practical or reproductive use of. So we might as well make whatever good use of the girls we can.

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...our body send those goodness to growing new and larger breasts which we have no practical or reproductive use of.
Nature doesn't ask for reproductive uses. If you have less testosterone and/or more estrogen you'll develop breasts. Only the velocity and the results vary. I started developing breasts about age 45. I liked it and at first took herbal supplements (phytoestrogens in hops pills and soy pills) for some years which helped a lot since it lead to a cup B. And I must take spironolactone for hypertension which can cause gynecomastia on it's own. After more than 15 years I'm a cup 40C. But slow growth is growth nevertheless.
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