Author Topic: Laser skin tightening for puffy nipple?  (Read 3620 times)

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Just after some opinions on laser skin tightening.
Im 25 years old, I had unilateral surgery ten years ago. All the hard tissue was removed, but the nipple is still slightly puffy, and slightly protrudes through a t-shirt, however, when the nipple contracts, it looks perfectly normal.
I might look into lipo, or laser lipo in the future, but for now I am just looking for a minimally invasive quick fix so that I can enjoy the next few warm months without being so self conscious. 
So I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this being treated with skin tightening such as laser, injections, or creams, or if there are any other methods this could be treated without going under the knife?


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also, Ive read about Kenalog injections, would this be effective at all to dissolve the small amount of soft fat tissue under the nipple?
Appreciate any feedback, Thanks.

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There is no quick fix for loose or lax skin -- particularly if you have had 10 years to heal.  Lasers are used -- very carefully -- on the face and any skin tightening can be measured in only a few millimeters.  I have never heard of lasers using externally on chest skin to tighten it -- sorry.

If your nipple remained puffy after your original surgery, then it was probably inadequately done.  Surgery for puffy nipples should result in nipples which lie flat and flush with the surrounding skin -- immediately after surgery and also in the long term.

If they are initially flat and then puff out, then you may have some scar tissue there and an injection of cortisone may be of help.

Recommend you consult with a gyne expert in your area.

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The nipple has always been puffy ever since I had the breast tissue removed.
(this is due to soft fat tissue, not left over glandular, or scar tissue)
 I think the surgeon only removed the gland, without using liposuction to remove excess fat.
I have always had low body fat, and the excess fat under the nipple is only small, but still irritating.
I have just read about lipolysis injections, so in theory, if it does actually do what it claims to do, then surely it can dissolve a small amount of fat tissue under the nipple?
does anybody have any experience or opinions on this?
I will be booking in next week to see a surgeon who specializes in this area, just after some more opinions before I go ahead with it, Thanks. 


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