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ok i got manboobs.......i just want someone to tell me i have manboobs ...tell me there ugly and i should get the surgery.......thanks in advance......i just turned 16 in case that helps...and anyone know any good surgeons from canada........?

i dont know if this link works...try it
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I agree with the are only 16 and your hormones will be all over the place  :P. so just relax.....they will be gone by the time you finish puberty....Even if you think you have  ::) ;D

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I would't give him the exact same advice as some here. Yes, wait maybe a year. But if it still looks like that and you hate them, get teh surgery. Gyne can really mess up puberty and all the social things that follows.

Wait, get some exercise, visit the doctor.. Then decide in maybe 6 months/1 year.

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Gynecomastia sucks

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Gynecomastia sucks

An invaluable contribution...



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