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Hello friends

I too have suffered from gynecomastia for the past 7 years since puberty i am now 23 years old and wanted to share my surgery exp, and also ask a question.

When i woke up , i was so excited to see my chest, through the vest it looked flat and muscular, when i removed the vest i was amazed to see everything apart from being strangely flat, perfect! nipples were not puffy at all and were really smooth, and they stayed like that for 2 weeks.

roughly 2 weeks in i removed my vest for afew hours of the days to wash ect, over the 3rd week my right side nipple started to puff out, and is now almost similar to how i looked before, not the whole pectoral muscle just around the nipple area.

I see so many topics regarding post surgery nipples being puffy, and like others when i tense up there is nothing there apart from muscle no gland, when i relax it puffs out.

Im probably just being impatient, but i just wanted to know if its true that if your chest is flat and looks perfect post surgery will it eventually look like this after, what i think is swelling?

kind regards


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