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thats a nice bra! looks like a great fit and from the view it looks like it may conceal well under shirts. Seen in earlier posts that was a concern of sorts. Hope everythigs going well. Glad the wife is supportive as the bra is lol

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JJ, very nice bra and you look well supported and contained and gives you nice cleavage. And your wife is right. Your breasts are very feminine in appearance. If you don't wear full-time, you could benefit for full-time wear. Nothing to be ashamed of there. Good on you!
Womanhood is not defined by breasts, and breasts are not indicative of womanhood. - Melissa Fabello

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Looks to me JJ_Gyne, that you have accepted and found what works for you.  Bra choices like that give a nice rounded look without seams and such to show through shirts.  With your supportive wife and choice of bras I think you have it quite together.  That said in our minds we may have those times where we feel we are watched or checked out, just remember their thoughts really don't matter or change who we are.  

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That's a great bra for you. It looks like a great fit and very comfortable. I'm happy to see that you AND your wife have accepted the fact that you need to wear a bra. It's tough to deny that you need to wear a bra as much as your wife when you are sharing the same bras!

My wife and I wore the same size for a while. I went through several growth spurts and she lost quite a bit of weight. She's a 34C now while I wear a 36H in most of my bras. She doesn't complain about me having bigger boobs. She likes my boobs and she's just happy that she doesn't have to carry them around all day.


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When I go out I usually am wearing layers, and not holding myself in very normal posture.
Crossed arms slouched etc.

I find myself overly preoccupied with what others my perceive. Hate the feeling
I tell myself I don't care. But I know I really do and live like I am being judged.

Hate that feeling .. deep mental issue I can't shake.
I can really feel for you - I was about there maybe three years ago toward the end of covid restrictions, I had probably hit C+/D cup by then, and I remember that emotion I read here.

I also got to where I was hunching my shoulders even before then, as you describe, almost like a defence mechinism.  I'm older, and my wife says hunching isn't a good look.  She was right, and for me, I finally noticed that it just makes me more out of shape but not look smaller.

I still care how I look professionally, and need to dress professionally.  With so many votes for bras here, I finally tried a sports bra shaped like a mens tank undershirt.  I found for daily life sports bras were great - it sounds counterintuitive to wear a bra to look more masculine, but I look a lot more in shape, like pecs on a thicker guy (because my chest appears tighter, less movement) than many peers my age, and it doesn't have to be super compressive (that's a mistake, its unnecessarily uncomfortable; look for sports bras that work well for busty women), just enough to support and shape.   If it is a 'racerback' or tank style, especially, really no one notices, including family members that hug! Compression shirts, however, are sometimes necessary if I need to wear a theme work polo in a lighter color: most try to compress guts more than chest and its uncomfortable, but there are some that do the opposite, and also buy a size larger; it's not about squeezing to be thin (the aim of most compression shirts), it is about smoothing harsher curves down, the right ones I can wear all day. Like bras, it's trial and error.   

Now if I have to dress for anything I can stand tall and not worry - I can't hide it, there is too much there, but I can present better and that builds confidence.  I do wear a thin tee over the bra if it is a button or zipper top that might open too far (had a close call one day).  I now have the confidence to even wear underwires out occasionally, but I have to dress more strategically as they project more, but it is also doable. [Maybe I should expand this as topic for a thread.]

No one can tell you to stop feeling judged, and it is normal you care how you look and are perceived.  With some tweaks and some sports bras that work, however, you'll gain the confidence and will also be comfortable.  I think you are fortunate to have a spouse that can look you over front and back before you leave the house.  Hoping for the best for you.


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