Author Topic: Will gynecomastia surgery make areolas smaller?  (Read 455 times)

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Sometimes my nipples look normal sized but when my gynecomastia is most prominent, they're larger than normal.

If I have gynecomastia surgery to remove the breast tissue but dont have any cosmetic work done (such as areola reduction), will my nipples be smaller after the surgery?

Will they most likely be the size they are now (as in prior to surgery) when my gyno is at its minimum?

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Often areola reconstruction is and can be done during the procedure. 

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If gynecomastia surgery is done adequately, the diameter of the areola will ALWAYS diminish (oftentimes anywhere from 15% or more).  There will also be a slight darkening of the color of the areolar skin because the normal pigment cells will be even closer together, providing a darker appearance. Look at some before and after photos on many websites to verify this.

I very rarely to a specific areolar reduction because the resultant scars tend to be very poor.

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